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Transform each Customer Interaction into a
New Opportunity

Revolutionize customer engagement with our AI-powered analysis tool. Harness GPT technology to transform interactions into actionable insights, enhancing communication and driving growth. Supercharge your existing Speech Analytics installation and elevate your customer experience, anticipate needs, and open new revenue channels.

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Next-generation Generative AI in the Contact Center

At Spitch.ai we are tackling the contact-center challenges of today with the generative AI technology of tomorrow. CallSpectrum Interact allows you to take any raw contact recording an turn it into a living document, tied to every other contact in your warehouse. Extend your existing Speech Analytics implementation or start a new one fresh. Uncover previously unknown opportunities and drive new evolution in your business.

Boost Sales

Better Understand Customer Voice

Discover New Opportunities

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What can Speech Analytics do for you?

Supercharge your Contact Analysis

Efficient, Accurate, Automatic Evaluation

Are you still manually evaluating less than 2% of your customer interactions? Improve natural language evaluation.

Intuitive Design, Flexible Features

Benefit from a simple, modern UX concept. Just upload your contacts and let Spitch.ai do the rest.

LLM driven Use Case Analysis

LLM driven use case analysis, multilingual speech-to-text, anonymization and more.

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